True Colors

Interested in team building in any context?

True Colors is an entertaining and interactive way to learn about your personality and how others in your team processes information and engages with life. The learning is through interactive exercises and is very affirming while building team rapport.

Check out their website for more info. I am a certified facilitator and would be happy to work with your team and customize a training experience that will affirm and motivate.

Experienced worldwide by educational institutions, governments, and businesses of all types and sizes, the power and popularity of the True Colors method lie in its simplicity. Our system takes the most important concepts presented in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and distills them into a user-friendly, fun, and—most important—practical tool. The result is an insightful personality-identification system that can be applied to real-life situations, like relieving social conflict and boosting collaboration and productivity. Backed by 40 years of proven results.

True Colors International Website