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One of my great passions is encouraging people to not give up on themselves and to dare to believe that wherever they find themselves there is hope for the future. I’m not a romantic idealist, an irrational optimist, a one size fits all kind of guy, nor super spiritual.


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I grew up in Cape Town, Southern Africa.  After years of schooling and a compulsory stint in the army, I worked in a veterinary clinic for two years in Cape Town and Swaziland. After completing studies in Cape Town and England I returned to South Africa in 1981 and served for four years as an Anglican Priest before emigrating to Canada in 1985 – where I was Senior Pastor of a contemporary Anglican Church in Port Alberni for 12 years.

I’m a great believer in transparency and honesty so I will tell you that my ministry and marriage ended after I had an affair that led to a long journey through depression. I never thought I’d return to ministry after years of ‘wandering and disillusionment’. I spent ten years navigating the consequences of my actions and working with a friend in small business consulting. It was a time of real struggle – to the brink of suicide and back. I describe that journey in my book ‘Broken for Good’ (see Books and Resources).

Eventually I returned to full-time ministry and spent ten years as Senior Pastor of Jericho Road in Port Alberni. I am now semi-retired. I can share many stories person to person but you have a rough outline 🙂 I have two grown daughters and have experienced divorce and the struggles of getting my life back together. I enjoy travel, reading, writing, music, squash and golf, cooking, renovating my home and movies.


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I’m a great believer in Lifelong Learning 🙂

BA (psychology) University of Cape Town, South Africa

Certificate of Theology (3 years)(Wycliffe Hall) Oxford University, UK

BD (Hons)  London University, UK

MA (Leadership and Training) Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada

True Colors Facilitator

Prepare Enrich Canada Facilitator (Marriage relationship assessment)

Experience in the Field

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I’ve been involved with counseling as a significant component of my work for thirty years

During the course of years as a pastor I’ve counseled people from all walks of life. Everything from struggling with issues of abuse, addiction, pornography, conflict, marriage breakdown, lack of identity and self-esteem, divorce, depression, and even disillusionment with faith and God. When hearing people’s stories I’m never surprised or shocked because everyone has reasons for arriving where they are – and there but for the grace of God…..

My style of counseling is informal and conversational. I don’t have a set agenda and utilize various tools from time to time – particularly in marriage counseling. Sometimes it’s informative to explore family of origins and to understand our personality. I encourage asking questions and a high priority is helping anyone I work with feel safe, accepted, validated, and listened to.


“Do I have to believe in God to come and see you?” Absolutely not a prerequisite at all.

Personal faith is a journey throughout our lives and I’m not interested in forcing anyone to believe anything.

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I am affiliated to the Anglican Mission, Canada as an ordained pastor/priest (retired, sort of….)