Googling God

Googling God – Finding a Faith You can Believe in

These days, we direct all of our queries to the worldwide web—but, alas, sometimes our search results come up, at best, a little confused—particularly when it comes to certain questions.

Does God exist? Which religion is “right” for me? What does it mean to be a Christian? And, if God is so good, why does He let bad stuff happen?

If you type any of these questions into your internet search bar, millions of hits will pop up from a variety of sources with varying degrees of reputability…So, where should you start?

Skip over the skimming and start here. Googling God provides a simple, straightforward, and sensitive analysis of faith that’s sure to appeal to curious souls searching for an unencumbered understanding of God, faith, and the Christian religion. A very approachable, contemporary text, it presumes no prior knowledge of Christianity and gently guides readers to consider the existence of God, rather than forcing them to accept it.

Whether you’ve strayed away from the Christian church or simply never found it, Googling God will lead you to a better understanding of the basic claims of Christianity and will appease the appetites of your mind, heart, and spirit.


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John Cox presents his life experiences in knowing God and his struggles with faith as a pastor. Reading the book feels like lying down in the grass and having a casual conversation with a friend – the same scenario John sets up in the opening of the book. Insightful and warm in tone, the book is great for anyone wanting to see how God has worked in the life of a man through many ups and downs and never let him go. It illustrates that that knowing Jesus is exciting and beautiful – not dull or boring as too many Christians have wrongly come to understand.