Broken for Good

Broken for Good – A True Story of Betrayal, disillusionment, and believing again

Have you ever heard the biblical story of the prodigal son? Does a father lovingly—even happily—forgiving his wayward son seem too much like a fairy tale? Is it hard for you to believe that people who have failed or made bad choices can be redeemed? And that there’s a God who actually wants to restore and heal those who make mistakes and battle with consequences?

John Cox served as a Christian pastor for sixteen years sincerely believing in God. The moment he ‘crossed the line’ he lost the ability to see God. Unwilling (or unable) to step back, acknowledge his mistake, and ask for forgiveness, his despair and disillusionment lead him into a disastrous, adulterous affair, which eventually resulted in broken ties with his wife, his church, and God.

Divorced, from the ministry and his marriage, John plunged into a depression, which he fully expected to be the end of his story. But when a visit to his dying father starts to unpack the emotional wounds he’d buried throughout his life, a new self-awareness begins to dawn. Slowly but surely, God reveals to John the truth about grace, forgiveness, and love.

Encounter redemption and hope through this authentic, transparent account of failure and faith.

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Not only was this book a raw and revealing look at the anatomy of a fall from grace, but beautiful insight into the brokenness that led to the fall, and then the incredible redemption. Although this is a very personal story, I think most of us can relate to the emptiness or hurting that precedes a mistake and the author eloquently captures this without making excuses. The end is awe inspiring and left me with incredible hope, despite circumstances. I highly recommend it!      Sam

John Cox shows immense courage in revealing his inner soul. Anyone who feels that God has turned his back on them needs to read this book. John holds nothing back as he talks about his fall from grace. It is an encouragement to everyone who’s ever looked up at the sky and asked “God do you really care?”   Gary

John’s book is raw and painfully transparent in a transforming way. I am convinced that this book will give hope to others who have crashed and burned. The title ‘Broken for Good’ names what this book is about: God is able to take the brokenness in our lives and bring good out it, for others and ourselves. The parallel story that he tells about the Jericho Road community is very inspirational.   Ed