Proving God – or not?

An atheist asserts that there is no such thing or person called God, therefore they do not believe in the existence of a supreme being. How can one prove that God does or does not exist?  How do you prove love, or the experience of being loved, or happiness, or low self-esteem?

The fact that we cannot prove the existence of such realities in an objective manner does not necessarily mean that they do not exist. The rationale to suggest that an atheist is really an agnostic (meaning someone who is not sure that there is a God) goes something like this….

Q:Do you agree that life is made up of a multitude of different experiences?”

A: “Yes”.

Q:Would you claim to have personally experienced every experience that is available to a human being?”

A: “No, of course not”.

Q:Might it be possible that ‘God’ could be found in one of those experiences that you personally have not yet entered into?”

A: “I suppose so”.


This little dialogue simply illustrates that it is as intellectually indefensible to assert that God does not exist, as it is to claim to ‘prove’ that he does. Maybe there is a more constructive question to explore?

How about examining evidence concerning the possibility of God’s existence? The danger is that we predetermine too hastily what we think. When we peel away the layers of reason the substance of the thoughts revealed is often surprisingly thin and under-developed.  At its center rejection is exposed to be rotten, rooted in the fear and negativity behind how we perceive admitting to God’s existence inhibits our ‘freedom’.

Atheism is a non-prophet organization. (Source unknown)

On a more light-hearted note, if God turned out to be everything we ever wanted and dreamed of in a man or a woman, would our response or sense of anticipation be different?

What is brought into focus again is the importance of differentiating between the people who express belief in God – whatever the faith, and the deity who is at the center of that faith.

A few weeks ago I was driving across Vancouver Island to play squash with friends in Port Alberni. As I wound my way through magnificent cedars I listened on the radio to how the Rover modules were exploring Mars for much longer than had been anticipated. It was remarkable to learn how after seven years of space travel the Titan module was activated and ‘steered’ from earth to descend and land on this most distant and strange landscape. Likewise the Rovers on Mars communicated with earth and were used to conduct all kinds of experiments while driven and controlled from space control centers on earth.

I arrived at the squash club early and stood outside in a fairly chilly winter breeze waiting for Lindsay or Wayne to arrive and unlock the door. I tucked myself into the doorway for protection and looked out across the parking lot. On the road before me was a white paper cup lying quite still. I watched, as every now and then the breeze nudged it and rolled it sideways – just a few inches – first one way and then the other. My mind went back to the Rovers on Mars and the Titan module. Imagine, I thought to myself, if that paper cup was being manipulated from someone sitting on Titan or Mars… and they were making it move – and could even watch me standing in this doorway! I’d never believe it was possible – and yet that’s precisely what those missions had accomplished. That reality is mind-boggling enough – if human ingenuity can accomplish such magnificent feats – what is possible with God?

Wayne and Lindsay strolled up almost at the same time. “Look at that paper cup,” I said and recounted my great revelation enthusiastically. “John, what have you been smoking?” was the empathic response….. “Let’s play squash.”

(Excerpt from Googling God, John Cox)


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