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Welcome to LMPC (Little Mountain Pastoral Counselling), thanks for showing an interest.

We’re living in challenging times in this season of Covid. Times not always easy to navigate and times that perhaps cause issues to arise that are hard to ignore or escape. That would be normal and understandable. Sometimes having someone to talk to and who will listen can release the pressure and make room for new perspectives.

I’m offering a Counselling service from my home after many years of walking alongside people from all strands of life as Pastor of a local church. I love encouraging people, am not easily shocked, don’t like religious stuff, and hope you’ll enjoy browsing this website. If I can help in any way don’t be shy to be in touch.

When you share a burden you halve the load

When you halve the load you stand up taller

When you stand up taller you breathe more easily

When you breathe more easily you look around

When you look around you see the view

When you see the view you discover a way forward

And when you discover a way forward, HOPE ARISES!

     John Cox – Just the Other Day

John B and W

Almost every person experiences seasons in their life when challenges arise that are unexpected or unforeseen. Sometimes those moments catch us unaware and leave us feeling disoriented, full of questions and empty of explanations. Because we haven’t been here before it can be a lonely and even frightening journey.

Pastoral counselling embraces an understanding of what it means to be fully alive to include paying attention to our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. While there’s much mystery in these areas it is possible to be proactive and creative in exploring how these aspects of what ‘being human’ means. Usually our challenges have valid and authentic roots. It’s never weak to have needs, admit struggles, or to ask for help. In fact, asking for help is a sign of integrity and maturity.

LMPC offers a safe environment where you can ‘be yourself’ without fear of rejection, shame, or judgement. No matter how bad our situation there’s always hope for the future. We don’t have to live as victims of our past or our circumstances. Sometimes it feels we are powerless and imprisoned by relationships or situations beyond our control. That’s when having someone to talk to and walk alongside us can provide the breathing room and encouragement we need for hope to rise up. We can be empowered to make choices that give us healthy boundaries, learn how to let go of excess baggage, and begin to dream again.

At the bottom of this page are testimonials from people from all walks of life that I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside.

Here’s a link for my blog Googling for God:

When I met John I was very impressed by his wisdom, kindness, firm gentleness, understanding and patience. It seems like all the crap and sludge in my past life had settled to the bottom of the bottle, if I don’t shake it too much all was kind of OK. John could sense that I was troubled. He invited me to chat with him, and soon we were getting to the very core of the matter, abandonment issues throughout my life being the main focus. John invited me to express my anger and and question everything. We ended up shaking the bottle of sludge, very painfully going back in my life and recalling the past; oh so necessary. In all that there came a sense of relief,  I made peace with God, and my relationship with my children was renewed. I have now lived in freedom from my past, not forgetting, but learning from it. There is healing from the past damage of life’s storms.

Finding Freedom

John challenges you to look inward to bring issues into the light so they can be dealt with.  He  has the ability to ask the right question at the right time to get to the heart of issues.  He’s an empathic listener;  asks probing questions;  is insightful;  encouraging; and positive in his comments. John’s not interested in the quick fix, but always has complete healing and restoration as the goal. His balanced approach in marriage counselling doesn’t take sides and puts couples at ease. 

Empathic Listening